This One’s For Les Garçons: An Interview with Pierre Henri Mattout – Carmelita Bouie (FGI Los Angeles)


Founded in 2014 by Pierre Henri Mattout, PHM Saint Peres is a multi-brand online and retail store that focuses on men’s high fashion, and exclusive sneaker collections. Their flagship store is located 50, Rue des Saints Peres in the heart of Saint Germain des Pres in Paris, France. The store concept is a blend of Japanese avant garde designers, high performance and street wear.

Bloomingdales hosted the PHM Saint Peres Parisian pop-up shop in their New York and Los Angeles (Beverly Center) locations. I had the pleasure of meeting the savvy Frenchman at the Beverly Center location and discussed his young brand, fusing international labels with men’s street wear and his collaboration with Bloomingdales.

W+D:  Your background is with Calvin Klein and Victorinox, one’s very classic American style representing the “basics with clean structure,” and the other, much more outerwear… what made you want to fashion your pop-up to target street wear?

Pierre Henri Mattout: It’s actually my various experiences as a menswear designer that helped me shape my concept store. At PHM, tailoring, craftsmanship, the outdoor, and street are all very connected.


W+D:  Who are some of your fashion influences?

Pierre Henri Mattout: I’ve always been very inspired by Comme des Garcons for the way they put things together. Influencers like Nick Wooster and designer Pierre Hardy are also a huge inspiration.

W+D: Do the designers in your pop-up collection represent many of the places you’ve traveled to?

Pierre Henri Mattout: I haven’t been to all those places. Fashion is global today, though. It’s probably no coincidence that all the brands are coming from all over the world now.

W+D: Do you think European street style is different to U.S. street style?

Pierre Henri Mattout: I think street style in the U.S. is stronger and influences other places like Europe.

W+D: Has “street style” influenced your own personal style?

Pierre Henri Mattout: It did in some ways… I was much more polished / preppy but over the years my style has evolved to more casual / street…

The PHM Saint Peres collection of men’s street wear.

W+D: What’s your vision of the “PHM man” who shops and wears items from your pop-up?

Pierre Henri Mattout: This man is a free spirit. He combines a cool pair of sneakers with basic Chinos and light weight functional jacket from Arc’eteryx Veilance for example. I’m not trying to make it too fashiony, it’s more about creating tomorrow’s basics.

W+D: What’s your favorite international city and why?

Pierre Henri Mattout: New York City without hesitation. Because of the energy …. basically, anything can happen.


W+D: Why partner with Bloomingdales exclusively for your two pop-ups?

Pierre Henri Mattout: Bloomingdales allows me a presence nationwide, which is an incredible opportunity for a young brand like mine.

W+D: I love the combination of “exclusivity and accessibility” of the brands featured and that you’re helping to introduce and raise foreign brand identity to a U.S. audience … what’s next for you and the PHM brand?

Pierre Henri Mattout: I want to keep growing the PHM brand and reach a wider audience.

Author: Carmelita Bouie (Associate Member – FGI Los Angeles)
Carmelita Bouie is an entertainment & lifestyle marketing and communications consultant, having worked on entertainment marketing and public relations campaigns spanning theatrical, home entertainment and new media distribution. She is also the founder of FMA Worldwide (, a fashion marketing agency that connects fashion stylists and costume designers to emerging fashion designers from around the globe. She’s currently the entertainment and fashion editor for the lifestyle magazine, The Awesome Muse ( and is editor-in-chief of her own blog, Wanted+Desired Fashion Blog (, which covers emerging brands and designers from the U.S. and abroad. Carmelita holds an MBA degree from Cornell University.


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