International Style Institute: Tools Provided to Be a Fashion Stylist & Influencer – Carmelita Bouie (FGI Los Angeles)

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It can be hard knowing which filter to use for your photos on Instagram or which hashtag to tag it with. These days everyone is a brand. Social Media Marketing and content creation is a full time job, but it is such a lucrative necessity for any brand to be successful in connecting with its followers and audiences. I attended The International Style Institute conference was a great 3-day crash course for me… bloggers, influencers and marketers …or anyone looking to get into the digital influencing game! The 3-day course, sponsored in partnership with The Grove in Los Angeles, covered relevant topics to help a variety of influencers promote themselves as a brand: from fashion styling, lighting for photography, video creation and food staging.

The International Style Institute was launched in March 2015 in Los Angeles, CA by world renowned celebrity stylist, Anita Patrickson, and Simply Stylist’s Sarah Boyd. Patrickson and Boyd saw a budding interest from many who were interested in learning how to become a stylist, but had no resources available to them to learn how to do it. The 3-day intensive course gave information to attendees how cultivate their own style, understand their brand and build it into a successful career.

Everyone can find style, they said (OR I learned), in their everyday lives from the clothes we wear, to creating our home’s outdoor oasis, to expressing our individual perspective through various social outlets. Anita and Sarah were truly enthusiastic and dedicated to helping others to tap into their personal style and express it outwardly to an audience.

I experienced the 3-day session being a very interactive hands-on session where attendees get to do staging exercises and video demos to practice exactly what industry experts taught them in their lessons the day of. Anita and Sarah were non-stop energetic mentors to the attendees. They were so happy to share their industry expertise and styling tips and tricks to help each attendee discover and express their own personal brand interests.

Content creation has quickly become the most visible way to express your personal style in a range of verticals, but there are so many behind the scenes details to making a blog as impactful and profitable as possible. The International Style Institute brought top industry influencers, bloggers, professional photographers and site builders together to provide attendees tools they would need to know to start making their digital way.

Conference attendees not only included up and coming bloggers, but also celebrities and established digital influencers, who wanted to sharpen their craft. There was something that everyone could takeaway to immediately vamp up to their brand.

Celebrities in attendance included Olivia Culpo, Michelle Williams and actress, Monique Coleman. The conference ended with a sushi and sangria networking session sponsored by Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill at the Grove.

The next International Style Institute conference will be held in NYC this June 2nd-4th!

Author: Carmelita Bouie (Associate Member – FGI Los Angeles)
Carmelita Bouie is an entertainment & lifestyle marketing and communications consultant, having worked on entertainment marketing and public relations campaigns spanning theatrical, home entertainment and new media distribution. She is also the founder of FMA Worldwide (, a fashion marketing agency that connects fashion stylists and costume designers to emerging fashion designers from around the globe. She’s currently the entertainment and fashion editor for the lifestyle magazine, The Awesome Muse ( and is editor-in-chief of her own blog, Wanted+Desired Fashion Blog (, which covers emerging brands and designers from the U.S. and abroad. Carmelita holds an MBA degree from Cornell University.

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