Season-less Style –  Best Times of the Year to Get Deals on Home Remodels


It’s the first week of the New Year! If you’re remodeling parts of your home or upgrading your kitchen and bathroom, there are certain months and even days during the year when you’ll get better prices. Ever wondered if there’s a Black Friday for home improvement? Make sure to improve your property both curb appeal and value with los angeles modern architects professional assistance.

Read on for the best time to get deals on your remodel.


If we’re talking seasons, winter is ideal for deals. Among cold weather’s natural benefits, such as curing paint faster, is that it traditionally represents a time when contractors are hungry for work. Many homeowners save their projects for the spring, which leaves plenty of time for you to shop around for mid-winter bargains.

Since spring is prime time for remodeling, it’s also a smart idea to start planning your outdoor job a few months early. That way you’ll get a deal on the preliminary time and planning, plus you’ll have a contractor booked and ready for your deck job or new siding.

Holiday Weekends

Remodeling sometimes requires new appliances and even decor. Knowing when to buy is key. Black Friday and Labor Day are both stellar times to score on cheap items for your home. Plan a small remodeling job around a holiday weekend and you could save big.


Students are letting out of university and college in May. And by June, high school students will be looking for landscaping and painting jobs along with them. Find out about local programs in your community that hire students for these kinds of jobs. These programs help to vette the right candidates for the right jobs, and offer a competitive wage that is fair to the student and affordable for you.

Late August, Early September

Almost-fall is the ultimate time to hire a landscaper. Homeowners usually gear up their gardens in the spring and early summer. By late summer, contract work has typically died down again and landscapers are eager for work. Check out several different local businesses to find competitive pricing.


Need the latest stainless steel fridge to complete your new kitchen? How about a top-of-the-line unit that’s on its way out? September and October are the best times to buy this year’s last model before the latest options hit the market. Since these appliances are generally on their way out, big-box retailers will discount the items to make way for the new products.

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