Straight Jeans vs. Skinny Jeans – Martu Freeman-Parker (FGI South Florida)

Guys you always have choice. You should never feel like you have to keep up with times by wearing clothes that makes you look or feel uncomfortable.  Please remember it’s all about your personal style and taste. Skinny Jeans are not for every man. And “Yes” I’m Pro Straight Jeans, but if skinny jeans are worn right, on the right body type they can be fashionable, stylish etc. I do not believe there is an age limited to how you should dress, but I do believe your body type should have a lot to do with what type of clothes you wear. I know I’m always pushing you to be a fashion lions by this topic is super sensitive.

Straight Jeans

Straight Jeans

Some days I want to walk around the city with spare pairs of straight jeans for those guys that got it wrong that day. It’s not their fault, it could be their egos, girlfriend or boyfriend giving them very bad advice. Or maybe they just got caught up in the moment when all the fashion sense was crushed by a pushy sales person in their favorite store. I really don’t know what happens, I just want to fix it. I’ve had this conversation many times with good friends and even total strangers. But some guys just don’t know the difference between Skinny Jeans and Straight Jeans.

Skinny Jeans


The different between the two types for fits is the fabric content. Skinny Jeans has spandex in the fabric which allow the jeans to stretch and hug the body. Straight jeans has not spandex so no stretch. More and more men’s wear designers are moving towards stretchy fabric and a slimmer fitting clothes. Guys you can look just as stylish and on trend with straight jeans. My professional advice is to wear what makes you look your best. Try on both in your favorite brands and make your decision. Remember every jean is not for every man and your body type and personal style dictates whether you should wear Straight Jeans or Skinny Jeans. Now go and make the right decision.

Author: Martu Freeman-Parker (Associate Member – FGI Palm Springs)

Martu E. Freeman-Parker was born in Washington DC, and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia, where she earned a BA in Fashion Merchandising/Consumer Services. She moved to New York City where she went on to gain experience as a freelancer in the Apparel industry as an assistant production manager, merchandising assistant, Fabric R&D, preproduction manager with many nationally recognized apparel companies, including Polo Ralph Lauren, The Limited, Victoria Secret Catalogue, Polo Jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans, Gap Inc., The Limited, Carter’s and Conde Nast Publications. Martu held permanent positions as Production Assistant for Women’s Sweaters and Swimwear at J Crew, Pre-Production Manager for Women’s knits at American Eagle Outfitters, and Men’s Department Design Coordinator at Urban Outfitter’s in Philadelphia Pa. Martu is an Adjunct Professor at Miami International University of Art & Design and a member of the Fashion Group International Inc. South Florida chapter. She operates her own Apparel Consultant Business M.E.F. Productions LLC, offering a wide range of services to businesses and individuals in the apparel industry. You can always hear her thoughts on the latest fashion trends on her fashion blog M.E.F. STYLE REPORT

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