What Fashion Stylists Can Teach Us About Career Management – Claire Steichen (FGI New York)

I recently started working with a stylist.  Leaving corporate life, having two kids, starting a business, reintegrating to corporate life and getting eight years older can leave a girl in need of some guidance.  It has been wonderful.  Before working with Karen, I found myself spending time and money on things that ended up hanging, unworn, in my closet.  Without a vision and the right tools, I was adrift.  Now my clothes are aligned with the quality of service I want to deliver and I feel back on track.

Career management is similar.  We think we know what we are doing.  How could we not?  It’s our life and our career.  But like with clothing, we evolve over time.  Our needs change and the tools we relied on no longer work.  A simple roadmap — vision, milestones and information — can relax you, knowing that you are focused and moving forward.

Vision:  Many people feel ready to throw it all away this time of year, but very often wanting a new job is a distraction from the real issue — we want inspiration where we are.  What would it look like to feel more inspired at work?  What would you do next?

Milestones:  What do you need to demonstrate to make your next move?  Who are three people you need to connect with and convince that you are the right person?

Information:  Information is where I see most clients struggle.  They focus on one or two opportunities and don’t see all of the avenues that are actually available.  Are you aware of the innovation happening in your industry and which of your skills will be in demand?  Are you regularly talking with people at your company and outside of it?

In January we celebrate the new year, but biologically we are in hibernation.  My clients really begin to move in spring when nature’s energy wakes us up.  Why not use this more passive time to work on your roadmap.  You will be ready to move when the time is right.


Author: Claire Steichen (FGI New York – Executive Member)

Claire Steichen is the founder and President of Clear Strategy Coaching, an executive coaching firm in New York City. Before becoming a coach, Claire was an Account Manager in sales at Givaudan, where she managed on-going client relationships with Avon, Estee Lauder, La Prairie and Victoria’s Secret. And prior to Givaudan, Claire worked as a Marketing Manager for L’Oreal and Christian Dior fragrance, where she oversaw the US launches of major skincare and fragrance brands.  Claire received her MBA from Columbia Business School, where she works as a coach with several executive education programs.

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