Tweet, Tweet: Twitter Basics – Kelsey Bigelow (FGI Denver)

I was an early adopter of Twitter. I loved the quick text updates because you had to get an idea
across in 140 characters or less. As other social media channels popped up, I abandoned my regular tweeting. About six months ago, I picked it up again to see what it was like ten years after it’s inception. I fell back in love with Twitter and I think you’ll love it too.

My favorite things about Twitter are the easy ability to toggle between multiple accounts, the
ability to create lists of categories of people you follow, the easy search tool and the addition
of GIF Keyboard. Much like Instagram, I have separate personal and brand Twitter accounts.
Twitter’s easy toggling makes managing these multiple accounts so easy. Twitter also lets you sort the accounts you follow into lists, either public or private. For example, I have created lists for business accounts I follow as well as restaurants. I can quickly sort through my Twitter feed this way. Twitter also lets you search any text, making it easy to find other people talking about your industry or brands similar to yours. Finally, Twitter lets you include gifs in your tweets with the ease of GIF Keyboard. Gifs are sorted into categories or you can search for something specific, meaning you can totally add that funny Beyonce gif to your tweet to really help you get your point across.

To schedule and manage Twitter, I use Hootsuite’s pro version. It’s so easy to add links and photos and you can schedule posts in advance. Hootsuite creates streams for your channels (you can also manage Facebook and Instagram with Hootsuite as well as additional app plugins) which let you view your posts and any mentions other Twitter users have made to chat with you. You can respond right in Hootsuite and you can find and follow new accounts.

Hootsuite also lets you create streams that specifically follow keywords of your choice. This
allows you to respond to people talking about whatever your brand does. For example, we follow the term “Denver fashion” and can easily interact with anyone tweeting about fashion in Denver. As soon as someone writes a public tweet featuring those two words, we see it in our Hootsuite stream.

Twitter is a channel different from others because it’s not visual. It’s a text based. If you
struggle with creating graphics or taking photos, Twitter might be the medium for you.

Author: Kelsey Bigelow (Associate Member – FGI Denver)

 Kelsey Bigelow is the COO & co-owner of Denver Style Magazine.  She manages the magazine’s operations, including social media, local partnerships, and advertisers. Denver Style Magazine is committed to growing the retail industry in Colorado through a bi-monthly print publication as well as events, workshops and one-on-one business consulting. Prior to Denver Style Magazine, Kelsey worked as a fashion blogger and portrait photographer. She is passionate about helping solo entrepreneurs manage their businesses and find success. Follow along online at or on Instagram @kelseybigelow

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