Instagram Basics – Kelsey Bigelow (FGI Denver)

Instagram is one of my very favorite social media channels. It’s visual, it’s easy to find and
connect with like minded people and it’s free (for the most part.) Instagram lets you toggle
between multiple accounts meaning you can create a personal account and a brand account and manage both with ease.

Prescheduling media is a serious sanity saver. While we leave plenty of time for live posting
throughout the day, the majority of our media is prescheduled. As with anything, there’s a few
different apps that can help you preschedule your content. And just like many aspects of social
media, the program you decide to use long term really comes down to a little testing on your part. I currently use Schedugram which is (as of this writing) the only program that lets you schedule posts through Instagram and then posts them without any additional work from you. You can post multiple images at a time, add captions, and be the first comment on your image. We include all our hashtags in the first comment to make sharing on other sites cleaner. Schedugram also lets you post video clips in advance, which expands the content you can share.

Once you’re scheduling and posting, it’s time to start tracking so you know if all your hard work
is actually, well, working. Iconosquare is the best Instagram analytics tool out there. It’s
thorough. I mean really thorough. You can get lost for hours looking into specific hashtags,
filters, times of postings and more. I keep a weekly spreadsheet of stats for our account. If we
suddenly dip off our normal follower growth or suddenly gain an explosive amount of followers, I’m able to look into what might have changed. Maybe we did a giveaway with a big brand. Or maybe we didn’t post as often. Whatever it is, I know how we can adjust moving forward meaning the time and energy we’re putting into promotion is well spent.

A brief note on Instagram’s new algorithm for how posts are seen, released in June of this year.
Instead of posts from people you follow appearing in chronological order, posts now appear based more on popularity. When this change went live, we did see a small drop in the interactions we had on our account, including likes and comments. However, as time has gone on, we seem to have balanced out a bit more. Instagram was our primary marketing tool for almost a year. After word of the change came out, we decided to step up the type of content we posted on Instagram and we chose to focus more on other social media channels to balance out our strategy.

Author: Kelsey Bigelow (Associate Member – FGI Denver)

 Kelsey Bigelow is the COO & co-owner of Denver Style Magazine.  She manages the magazine’s operations, including social media, local partnerships, and advertisers. Denver Style Magazine is committed to growing the retail industry in Colorado through a bi-monthly print publication as well as events, workshops and one-on-one business consulting. Prior to Denver Style Magazine, Kelsey worked as a fashion blogger and portrait photographer. She is passionate about helping solo entrepreneurs manage their businesses and find success. Follow along online at or on Instagram @kelseybigelow

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