A Curated Life – Christine Goetz (FGI Chicago)

My mom used to call it ‘being selective’, today we say that something has been ‘curated’. A curated life is the guilt-lite way for me to express that there just isn’t enough of my time and resources to go around. Many years ago I became a single mom of three kids. The list of my many essential roles wasn’t curate-able: mom, nurse, boss, co-worker, friend, sister, daughter, runner, bread-winner, cook, housekeeper, grounds crew and fix-it gal (…some roles may have been out-sourced).

I am a skilled curator. I am selective in where, how, why and when I put my heart into something. After a long corporate career, I decided to seek a professional role that was more aligned with my personal values and gave me an opportunity to make a direct, positive impact in the world. Being the Managing Director of Mata Traders, a fair trade fashion company, allows me to combine my fashionista and social warrior roles into one.

Unique prints, modern silhouettes, traditional printing techniques are the heart and soul of Mata Traders. Our mission is to fashion a better world by creating clothing and jewelry designs that celebrate a woman’s originality and empower her to use her dollar for change. We celebrate the thoughtful consumers who are selective and make the choice to gather a wardrobe that includes ethical fashion (that also happens to be fun, flirty, and fabulous!).

By supporting fair trade fashion, each Mata Traders consumer can make a positive impact on the women artisans who sew our garments in Indian and Nepali cooperatives, providing a way out of poverty and better futures for their children. These artisans don’t have the luxury to curate their essential life roles, but through fair trade business practices, they earn a sustainable wage, preserve traditional skills and create opportunities for themselves. They’re able to have the resources to care for their children and support their communities.

Curating means selecting fewer and choosing better, and Mata Traders believes that we can change the world, one piece of fashion at a time.


Author: Christine Goetz (Associate Member – FGI Chicago)

As a mom of 3 with a successful 30-year corporate career under her belt, Chris decided to embrace big change by channeling her driven and positive spirit into growing Mata Traders, a fair trade fashion brand. Her ‘carpe diem’ motto is what inspires her to enjoy life’s many challenges. Her favorite fashion is anything colorful and comfortable, now that her corporate wardrobe is been replaced by fun Mata dresses. Chris’ professional background is finance and operations, with a strong track record of delivering financial results, while strengthening organizations, engaging teams and developing leaders. She is a high-energy leader and entrepreneur, equally comfortable developing broad international growth strategies and leading day-to-day operations and supply chain.



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