So How Do You Wear A White Suit? – Martu Freeman-Parker (FGI South Florida)

So how do you wear a White suit?

It’s been about 8 years since I wore a white dress or blazer. This disenchantment started 8 years ago when I had my son!  (I love him) But I was always conscious of this dirty little hands and how I was always wiping them. White around him Never! But he’s eight and he knows to keep those dirty hands of the furniture, walls and me.

I really like the whole white all year round movement. Remember I live in South Florida now so many of the fashion rules don’t apply to me anymore. It’s hot here all year round

So I’m looking at more white clothing then I have in years and I like it. Recently, I’ve been really excited about wearing an all-white pant suit. This would be a first for me. I know! I know that’s not very fashion lion of me! But I’m HUMAN!!! Before my son I was just not that girl, a white button down shirt or a white blazer yes, but all white suit absolutely not. I’ve been power suit searching and nothing says powerful and bold like a well-tailored white pant suit. I’m definitely enrolled in this idea. It’s been a couple of months of window shopping and pinning on Pinterest, and I believe I have some definite looks I can mirror. The suit can’t just look good it has to fit, fit is everything. So I know I will have to mix and match with some of my favorite brands to get the look I want. That’s ok, I’m a fashion lion I know how to HUNT!

So now I’m on a hunt to find the right look! My goal is not to look like I’m going to church on Easter Sunday. I need to look bold, powerful and stylish off course. So now I’m that girl, the one in the all-white pant suit! I feel empowered and also a little worried white gets dirty very easily. That’s the anti-white pant suit in my head, I’m not letting her win. So far here are my favorite looks.

      white-suit white no-colorall-white


Author: Martu Freeman-Parker (Associate Member – FGI Palm Springs)

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