Creating A Social Media Calendar – Kelsey Bigelow (FGI Denver)

Social media can be overwhelming to a small fashion company. Countless channels can mean hours spent tending each. It’s a requirement for brands to connect and compete. In fact, social media has been the best marketing tool we’ve used since starting our magazine. We currently post and maintain seven different channels, including daily posts to our blog. This is a monstrous undertaking but with a little intention and time planning ahead, we can manage. The biggest game changer has been creating a calendar to plan all our social media.

The actual calendar doesn’t matter. Paper, digital, it’s really up to you. I’ve found the digital calendar to be the most beneficial for our particular needs. Our whole team has access to it, we can shift the timing of different posts as we need to and we can manage multiple streams at the same time. We’ve also used a paper calendar. It was difficult to keep track of multiple members of our team who have access to our social media and it’s not as easy to change dates and times of content. If you’re a one person army, you might find writing everything out on paper is easier.

Once you have your calendar, start by listing out all the channels you currently use for social media. The calendar helps you balance and manage your channels but only if you know what they are. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram ­ all of those are a channel. Next decision, how frequently do you want to post to social media in general? Deciding how often you want to post and to which channel will help you maintain consistency. For example, if you want to post once a day and you find you have three things to talk about on one particular day, you can decide if you can stretch those topics out and fill up three days of your calendar.

Now comes the part where you can start filling in the calendar. First up, fill in those dates that you have sales, events, holidays, anything already scheduled. Start working backwards for how you’ll promote them. Say you have a trunk show on September 24th. We promote each event between 4 and 10 times on each channel. So I already know that I want to post the morning of, the night before, the Sunday before, the week before, etc. I can fill in those dates on my calendar as well. If you blog for your brand, fill in those dates as well. Finally, you’ll want to leave room for live posting. If we’re attending an event, we build that time into our social media calendar.

Once you have the calendar created, set aside time to work on scheduling the posts. We spend one morning a week scheduling social media for all our platforms, which means we spend the rest of the week working while our social media is also working for us.

Author: Kelsey Bigelow (Associate Member – FGI Denver)

 Kelsey Bigelow is the COO & co-owner of Denver Style Magazine.  She manages the magazine’s operations, including social media, local partnerships, and advertisers. Denver Style Magazine is committed to growing the retail industry in Colorado through a bi-monthly print publication as well as events, workshops and one-on-one business consulting. Prior to Denver Style Magazine, Kelsey worked as a fashion blogger and portrait photographer. She is passionate about helping solo entrepreneurs manage their businesses and find success. Follow along online at or on Instagram @kelseybigelow

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